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One Nature Nyaruswiga, Serengeti, New Addition to Go Places Africa's Tanzania Luxury Travel


One Nature Nyaruswiga, Serengeti is an ultra luxurious safari camp, perfectly situated at the heart of Central Serengeti, surrounded by breath-taking views of endless plains and embraced by the majestic Nyaruswiga Hills. This unique destination provides an incredibly rich diversity of resident wildlife and an almost surreal backdrop for the millions of migrating animals that pass through its plains year after year.


Framed within a range of scenic hills, is a vast, picturesque and seemingly endless sea of untouched plains. This beautiful valley-like area is also blessed with a permanent source of drinking water, the Seronera River, which keeps this area incredibly rich in wildlife throughout the year. Unique to One Nature Nyaruswiga, our Guests can enjoy both the privacy created by the surrounding Nyaruswiga hills and the year-round vast number and great diversity of wildlife that Central Serengeti has to offer, making this destination the place to be for an unforgettably enhanced African safari experience. Nyaruswiga is also undeniably the ideal place to stay if you wish to witness the magnificence of the Great Migration up close. Whether the herds are in Central, Southern or Western Serengeti, One Nature Guests can always take advantage of Nyaruswiga’s strategic central location.


Harmoniously nestled into the pristine woodlands of the Nyaruswiga, overlooking the stunning open savannah, ONE NATURE’s ultra luxurious thirteen (13) safari tents offer a sensational connection with their surrounding breath-taking nature.

Propped up by poles made from solid African Eucalyptus wood, and capped with the most elegant brass crown befitting royalty, the upscale canvas tents were designed to incorporate luxury into an exciting African safari camping experience, using only eco-friendly material and FSC-certified hardwood.


All One Nature Nyaruswiga facilities and amenities perfectly combine high-end luxurious wellness with focus on the preservation of the surrounding environment.


The various activities at One Nature Nyaruswiga, Serengeti are created to give you the most personal and immersive experiences aimed to rekindle your natural connection with your loved ones, with the surrounding communities and the world that nurtures you.

GOURMET CUISINE & BAR Satisfy your craving with us. All the culinary creations that come from our kitchen are meticulously prepared and presented to satisfy our Guests’ most discerning tastes. From mouth-watering meals to delicate desserts and sumptuous snacks, your stay with us will surely be filled with not only breathtaking sights, but also with mouth-watering gastronomic delights.

In between your exciting daily activities, indulge and further infuse your spirit with a visit to our well-stocked bar for a glass or two of the world’s finest wine, premium liquor, or signature cocktails, exclusively created only for One Nature.

WELLNESS TREATMENTS And what better way to complement your day’s adrenaline-filled adventures than indulging your body and soul with one of our signature wellness therapy treatments. Whether it is to relax, rejuvenate or revive your spirit, our expertly trained therapists are always available to pamper you with an incomparable wellness experience.

You Can Now Book This Wonderful Luxury Travel Experience in the Serengeti with Go Places

"Lets Go Places Together"

Article Content Credit: One Nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti

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