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Rwanda has gradually gained popularity as one of the must-visit destinations in East Africa, and is often referred to by many ardent travellers as the ‘land of a thousand hills’, laying claim to being a country blessed with a kaleidoscope of beautiful natural green landscapes and an abundance of lakes and rivers. From its enchanting volcanoes and mountains to its captivating jungles, its enchanting rivers & lakes, its peaceful and friendly people, a wealth of traveller activities, an abundance of bird species and everything in between… this is surely one destination to tick off the bucket list!


For safari enthusiasts the greatest diversity of large mammals is found in the three designated conservation areas; the Akagera National Park (contains typical savannah animals such as giraffe & elephants), the Volcanoes National Park (home to one-third of the worldwide Mountain Gorilla population) and the Nyungwe Forest (over 13 different primate species can be seen including chimpanzee’s and the infamous Ruwenzori Colobus Monkeys who move in groups of upto 400!).   

As with other countries in the East African region, Rwanda generally offers travellers a warm, temperate and inviting climate almost all year round, making it easy to enjoy a myriad of activities at virtually any time of the year. One of the must-do experiences whilst visiting Rwanda are the amazing Gorilla Trekking Safari’s, an up-close wildlife experience like no other in the world!

Popular Safari Destinations:

Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest

Popular Lake & Riverside Destinations:

The Nyabarongo River, Lake Victoria, Source of Nile, Lake Kivu, Lake Burera, Lake Ruhondo, Lake Muhazi, Lake Rweru and Lake Ihema.

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